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Tape-in Extensions

Tape in Extensions Las Vegas

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Tape-in Extensions

Discover the incredible benefits of tape-in extensions at EVŌQ SALON in Las Vegas, where our professional stylists excel in installing the hair extensions you bring in. Achieve a seamless, voluminous, and lengthy look, while enjoying the painless and non-damaging nature of tape-ins

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Tape-in Extensions
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Tape-in Extensions

What are Tape-in Extensions

Tape-in extensions consist of thin wefts with adhesive strips that are attached to your natural hair. They are lightweight, comfortable, and non-damaging to your own hair. Plus, they are easily customizable to fit your preferences and lay flat against your scalp, making them virtually undetectable. Schedule a consultation with our professional stylists to explore what the best hair extensions are for you.

Our Expertise in Hair Extensions

At our Las Vegas hair salon, our experienced and certified hairstylists are dedicated to delivering high-quality tape-in extension services. We provide personalized consultations to determine the desired length and thickness of the extensions and to choose the perfect color match. Our hair stylists work closely with clients to ensure that the extension hair blends seamlessly with their natural hair and achieves the desired look.

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What Experts Say:

"Tape-in extensions are about adding subtle enhancements that blend perfectly with the natural hair. It's an exciting process, matching color and texture to create a look that's both stunning and convincingly real."

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Choosing the Perfect Tape-ins

Our Las Vegas stylists will help you choose the ideal tape-in extensions for your hair texture, ranging from Type 1 to Type 4. We recommend purchasing virgin hair for extended wear and adhesive longevity. If you have a dehydrated scalp, our experts will advise on alternative options that better suit your hair's needs.

Effortless Extension Removal & Reinstall

When it's time for a refresh, our stylists will painlessly remove and reinstall your tape-in extensions after 6-8 weeks of wear. You'll be thrilled to know that the hair is reusable for up to three months!

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Tape-in Extensions

Discover the transformative power of tape-in extensions. They're your secret to effortless glamour and style.


Tape-in extensions offer instant changes to your look, adding length, volume, or color, allowing for commitment-free experimentation with different hairstyles.



Being lightweight with hair-friendly adhesive, tape-in extensions ensure safe hair enhancement, causing no damage or stress to your natural hair.

Easy Maintenance [TAPE-IN EXTENSIONS]

Easy Maintenance

Tape-in extensions offer ease of care, washing and styling like natural hair. With simple installation and removal, they ensure minimal effort for a glamorous look.

Service price may vary based on hair length, texture or presence of extensions. Accurate service cost will be provided in person upon consultation with your stylist.

Prices for Services

Tape-in Extension Install


Elevate your style with our tape-in extension Install. Our professionals seamlessly blend high-quality extensions into your natural hair for added length and volume.

Tape-in Extension Removal


Tape-in extension removal involves using a specialized solvent to dissolve adhesive, carefully detaching extensions, and thoroughly cleansing hair to eliminate residual adhesive.

Tape-in Extension Move-Up


Tape-in extension move-up is the periodic repositioning of hair extensions, done every 6-8 weeks, to maintain a seamless blend with natural hair growth.

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