How to Diffuse Curly Hair: Embrace Your Natural Curls

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Embrace Your Natural Curls

Welcome, curly girls! Are you tired of the never-ending battle with frizz and longing for defined curls? Whether you have wavy hair or very curly hair, diffusing curly hair is an art that can be mastered. With this comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to diffuse curly hair, enhance your natural curl pattern, and create frizz-free beautiful curls.

Preparing to Diffuse

Wet Hair and Apply Curl Cream

Start with wet hair, freshly washed and conditioned. Apply a few drops of leave-in conditioner and curl cream to lock in moisture and define your curls. These natural ingredients help in the diffusing process, reducing frizz, and adding shine. Curl definition begins here!

Use a Microfiber Towel or T-shirt

Avoid creating frizz by using a microfiber hair towel or t-shirt to gently scrunch hair. This low-pressure method helps to reduce frizzy hair post diffuser, enhancing the defined curls

The Diffusing Process

Pick the Right Diffuser Attachment

The diffuser attachment is one of the most important hair tools for achieving natural curls without frizz. Attach the diffuser bowl or cup to your hair dryer. This plastic attachment will distribute the air more evenly and minimize frizz.

Choose the Right Heat Setting

Low heat is your friend when diffusing curly hair. High heat can create frizz, while medium heat and cool air settings on your blow dryer can give your curls the definition without causing frizz. Remember, the goal is to dry hair without completely drying it out.

Begin Diffusing with Your Head Flipped Forward

With your head flipped forward, start at the roots, gently placing sections of your wet curls into the diffuser bowl. Use a scrunching motion, and keep the diffuser close to your scalp. This head upside technique adds more volume and helps in the drying process.

Air Drying and Blow Drying

You can alternate between blow dryer and air drying. The longer styling process of air dry can create natural, frizz-free curls. Make sure to use cold air now and then to set the curls.

The Importance of Low Pressure

Avoid high pressure, as it can cause more frizz. The low pressure from the diffuser cup, combined with low heat, ensures that your curls remain defined and beautiful.

Tips for Different Curl Types

Wavy Hair

For those with wavy hair, diffuse curly with medium heat. Don't over scrunch; let the waves fall naturally. You can use a blow dry method, but air drying will add more natural waves.

Curly Hair

For naturally curly hair, use a diffuser attachment with low heat to prevent frizz. Scrunch hair gently, and let the diffuser cup shape your curls. Curl cream can add extra definition.

Coily Hair

For those with coily curly hair, patience is key. Use low heat and take your time. Utilize curl definition products and let the diffuser do its work. The result? Frizz-free, curly hair that's stunning.

Finish Your Curly Hair Look

Add Shine with Natural Oils

A few drops of natural oils can add shine to your curls. Apply to the hair shaft after diffusing, to seal in the moisture and make your curls look luscious.

Prevent and Reduce Frizz

Finish with a frizz-minimizing product, like a silicone-free serum. This step ensures minimal frizz and a polished look. Voilà! Your curls are ready to dazzle.

Common Diffusing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

1. Using the Wrong Diffuser Attachment

  • Mistake: Using a generic or incorrect diffuser attachment that doesn't suit your hair type.
  • Solution: Choose a diffuser specifically designed for curly hair, and consider your curl type when making your selection. If possible, look for recommendations from reputable hairstylists or sources for curly hair.

2. Applying Too Much Heat

  • Mistake: Using high heat can cause damage and frizz, disrupting the curl pattern.
  • Solution: Always start with a low or medium heat setting and adjust as needed. Be patient; it may take a little longer, but your curls will thank you.

3. Over-Drying the Hair

  • Mistake: Completely drying the hair with the diffuser, leaving it dry and brittle.
  • Solution: Aim to dry the hair 80-90% of the way, allowing it to air dry the rest. This helps to preserve moisture and maintains healthy, shiny curls.

4. Not Using the Right Products

  • Mistake: Skipping essential products or using those not suited for your hair type.
  • Solution: Use products specifically designed for curly hair, like leave-in conditioner and curl-defining creams. These provide extra moisture and definition during the diffusing process.

5. Diffusing Wet Hair Directly

  • Mistake: Starting the diffusing process when the hair is dripping wet.
  • Solution: Remove excess water with a microfiber towel or t-shirt to reduce frizz. Scrunch gently, then proceed to diffuse.

6. Rushing the Process

  • Mistake: Trying to speed up the diffusing process by moving the diffuser too quickly or applying too much pressure.
  • Solution: Be gentle and patient, moving the diffuser slowly and allowing it to sit in each section of your hair for a reasonable amount of time.

7. Ignoring Hair Health

  • Mistake: Diffusing damaged or unhealthy hair without treating underlying issues.
  • Solution: Ensure that your hair is in good condition by regularly trimming split ends and maintaining a healthy hair care routine. Diffusing unhealthy hair can exacerbate problems.

Your Curly Hair Journey

Embrace and Love Your Curls

Every curl pattern is unique. Embrace your natural curl pattern and love the beauty that's uniquely yours. Diffusing curly hair is more than a styling technique; it's a way to celebrate yourself.


With these steps and tips, you've got all the tools to diffuse curly hair like a pro. From preparation to finish, you can achieve the curls of your dreams. Remember, it's all about loving your natural self and expressing your individuality through your beautiful curls.


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